IATH - International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality



The International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality was founded in 2014 thanks to the joint coordination of diverse entities of within the entrepreneurial and institutional formational systems.

The town of Cernobbio is located on the western shore of the lake, just a few kilometers from Como and the Swiss border. Its territory extends from the lake (210 m) up to Mount Bisbino (1325 m.). In recent decades the country has been favored in the development of the tourism and hotel sector facilitated by the construction of the exhibition-conference at Villa Erba. Cernobbio, with its scenic beauty and its historical value, is a reality in a position to exert a major tourist attraction and cultural heritage at the international level.

ADAPT Foundation was formed in 2013 by ADAPT Association, the study center on labor law and industrial relations founded by Marco Biagi, with the aim to promote the integration of young people into the labor market. For this reason, ADAPT Foundation organizes an international school of higher education on the topics of employment transitions and the integration of education and training pathways and promotes the University of Bergamo doctorate in education of the person and the job market.

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